Пинскдрев Кантри


straight, 3-seater, the mechanism of "tick-tock (pantograph)", the size 250x108x102 cm, a bed 200x150 cm

Main (Пинскдрев Кантри)
Form direct
Seats 3
The mechanism of transformation tick-tock (pantograph)
Upholstery fabric
Removable cover
Design (Пинскдрев Кантри)
Armrests covered
Shelves in armrests
Back from pillows
Drawer (s) for underwear 1
Dimensions (Пинскдрев Кантри)
Length 250 sm
Width 108 sm
Height 102 sm
Length of bed 200 sm
Width of bed 150 sm
Office sofa
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